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We hope this website will be of use to you whether you are trying to learn more about Golden Retrievers, increase your knowledge about health issues, find a caring and competent breeder to see about getting a puppy or just look at some pretty pictures of Goldens. It’s also a great way to keep up with what is happening here at Sunbeam.

We’ve tried to make it easy get around. About Us as you would expect tells you how this all got started and the section on Sunbeam Dogs has pictures of our dogs and information. Some of these dogs live with us; some live with other people who are also involved in breeding their dogs.

Under Golden Retrievers there is a section on health which includes some information on the effects of early spay and neuter that may be at odds with what you learned years ago and what your vet tells you. The same is true of vaccination schedules for dogs. These are important because they are non-negotiable items for Sunbeam dogs.
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We have a whole section on breeders because people who produce puppies fall into different categories. Some people will want to get a puppy from a Hobby Breeder who participates in lots of activities with their dogs while for others easy availability and selection will be more of an issue the who the breeder is. And while we might not recommend a certain breeder or establishment because we don’t think they give the same care and consideration that we do, at the end of the day they are all Golden Retrievers and therefore wonderful dogs.

A breeder of another breed of dog has written a great article about Puppy Buyer Etiquette and how important it is to choose a breeder rather than a puppy. I’m not sure I would have had the guts to write this but it is absolutely true and we have linked to a version of the article here.

The best place to see different styles of Goldens is at a dog show, obedience trial or agility trial. And that is a good place to see how people interact with their dogs and whether the people you meet are folks you want to have a 10-15 year relationship with.
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We are unabashedly proud of the dogs we have bred and the people who own them and so we try - and that is the operative word - try to keep our In The News section current with Sunbeam dogs and what they are up to. So we encourage people who have Sunbeam puppies and dogs to send us photos.

They do not have to be competitive events. Just let us know what you are doing with your dog. Is he the best hiker? Is he training in agility? Is she an awesome therapy dog? Does she have all the kids in your neighborhood under control? We’ll add it to Sunbeam News.
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And finally puppies. What should you be thinking about? What is involved in the process? How expensive are they? Are there any litters planned? What do the parents look like? Do they have health clearances? What about their parents?

If you want a Sunbeam puppy what does that process look like? What are the compromises you might have to make to get a puppy from us?

Although we are constantly tweaking it, we have evolved a system which we think lets us get our puppies in the hands of the people who will really provide them with great homes.

How Much Longer Will Purebred Dogs Be Available?

We know. You are just trying to find out more about getting a happy, healthy Golden Retriever to join your family. But like many things, if we take this right for granted, we will lose it.

Your have probably noticed it is hard to find an appropriate dog. The State of California spent four years, from 2007 - 2011 trying to pass laws that would make it illegal to have any dogs in the state that were four months of age or more that were not sterilized.

And failing that (in no small part to the time that I and people like me spent in Sacramento for years) the people who want you to adopt from the shelter rather than purchase a puppy are working to get that law passed in local jurisdictions - with a lot of success. So many, many responsible breeders have left California are more are leaving every month. So please also take some time to look at this section and see how you can make sure the puppy you get soon will not be the last one ever.


When you see absolutely darling, posed pictures on this website, they are undoubtedly the work of my very talented friend, Mary Thompson of Calico Goldens. I thank her for taking photos and letting me use them.